PQL Functions

PQL has many built-in functions for performing calculations on data.

PQL Aggregate Functions

PQL aggregate functions return a single value, calculated from values in a column.
Useful aggregate functions:

AVG() Returns the average value
COUNT() Returns the number of rows
FIRST() Returns the first value
LAST() Returns the last value
MAX() Returns the largest value
MIN() Returns the smallest value
SUM() Returns the sum

PQL Scalar functions

PQL scalar functions return a single value, based on the input value.
Useful scalar functions:

UCASE() Converts a field to upper case
LCASE() Converts a field to lower case
MID() Extract characters from a text field
LEN() Returns the length of a text field
ROUND() Rounds a numeric field to the number of decimals specified
NOW() Returns the current system date and time
FORMAT() Formats how a field is to be displayed

PQL isnull() PQL avg()

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